Sunday, 4 March 2012

Renovation of the Kruger Museum: week 1
This blog is the account of Francois v/d Walt of Aphane WIEW Architects, as a member of the team completing renovations to the Kruger Museum. Ditsong Museums of South Africa have appointed Aphane WIEW Architects to specify work relating to the conservation of external finishes on Kruger Museum. You are invited to participate in this interesting journey in time.
Week one: The Renovations Begin.
The story begins way back with President Paul Kruger himself, or as Pretorians affectionately would like to call him Oom Paul. What is considered The Kruger Museum was actually the house Oom Paul and his family lived in during the last year of the 19th century. It also comprises of two display halls & President Kruger’s state railway coach.

Author and date of drawing – unknown

The house has been refurbished to look almost as it did during the time Oom Paul lived there. At that time it was not an official residence but a modest private home. The Kruger Museum was opened in 1934 & declared a national monument in 1937.
The Kruger Museum’s history run’s parallel with that of Pretoria & Tshwane.

After the short history lesson we are back to the present time and the establishment & handover of the site to the contractor.

Site establishment started on the 16th of February 2012

The renovation period will last for approximately 10 weeks, where we will update you on a weekly basis. We invite you to participate in this project and share our affection & passion for Oom Paul & his house as we restore it back to some of its original glory.

Throughout the renovation period we will address construction issues like
·         Sandblasting of the stone work,
·         Excavating and treatment of existing foundation.
·         Replacing existing pedestals and column bases.
·         Determining and repainting the museum, to original paint work.
·         Refurbishment of roof structure.
We will also address any unforeseen issues as the project progresses.